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World Tour

For Explorers

World Tour by Scheurich

Once around the world! Right now, everything is about adventure and travel at Scheurich; the cover-pot series World Tour features world map prints and brings dreams of foreign places to the home. A coffee plant for fans of Brazil, an orchid for Asia lovers, an avocado seedling for cosmopolitans; they all bring a breath of fresh air into our homes and when combined with World Tour bring back memories of wonderful trips. They are therefore also great gifts for experienced and aspiring globetrotters alike.

This is the destination; the detailed world map makes a bold impression and transforms World Tour into an accessory with an additional fun factor. In combination with postcards, souvenirs and other sophisticated decorative items, this cover-pot takes you on a little imaginary trip to the most beautiful places on earth. Scheurich encourages those dreams to become reality with additional statements in a ‘stencilled’ design: “Travel around the world”, “Stay wild and free” and “Explore more”. The deep green appearance of the succulent Crassula, makes a bold statement in the shiny colours of World Tour and for a combination that is rich in contrast, plant lovers may choose to place a white cover-pot with an Echeveria right next to World Tour.

The charming motif of a campervan is also eye-catching and embodies a heartfelt sentiment; get out there and start to explore! But until that time comes, everyone can still enjoy the safety of the daily routine. These high end cover-pots are Made in Germany and are 100 percent waterproof.

Available sizes:
11, 13, and 15 cm