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Taking a break from the daily routine

Almeria by Scheurich

Comfortable all around! Bathrooms have long been a stylish oasis of relaxation. And Scheurich now inhabits that space with cover pots in an on-trend tiled design. With its new range Almeria, timeless beauty is moving into the bathroom, making relaxation a given, right down to the details. The rich blue tints are calming, the tiled pattern exudes the charms of times past and the hand-crafted appearance of the design has a restorative effect after a stressful day spent with smartphones and meetings.

Ceramic tiles are currently having a revival, with long-established patterns back in vogue. They are great additions to the home, not just in the bathroom; traditional motifs on carpets, wallpapers and blankets are moving into modern living spaces and bringing an oasis of relaxation and calm. Of course plants mustn’t be missing either: Fiddle-leaf fig, Monstera and Nephrolepsis are perfect leafy companions for the fully tiled design of Almeria, whilst the orchid – the queen of plants – becomes centre stage once placed in the white orchid container with the blue tiled border.

At the core of this range is the reliable Scheurich quality: all ceramic containers of the Al-meria series are 100 percent waterproof. The new tile patterns promise sunny times – they are seen in the latest cafés, bars or lovingly renovated old buildings. They give us a little break from the daily routine and remind us of how rich life is. Tiled patterns are being interpreted in new ways; new presented as used, old tiles restored, and patterns created within patterns. When it comes to colours, there are also no limitations – everything from creams and greys to pastel hues – and Scheurich is at the centre of the trend with Almeria!

Available Sizes:
Cover pots: 11, 13 and 15 cm
Orchid container: 14  cm