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Handmade Look in Perfection

Bloomy by Scheurich

Even plain houseplants will flourish with Bloomy by Scheurich! This coverpot range with its innovative surface design of stylised blossoms catches the attention and stands out because of its numerous lovingly applied details. The colours of the pots have been chosen in such a way that the delicate motifs look especially pronounced, bringing out their 3D character even from a distance.

Each and every one of the high quality pots is unique and has a surface that is a pleasure to touch having been made using craftsmanlike technology. Bloomy features an on-trend two colour vintage look with translucent details. The mix of the patina and high gloss finishes creates an appealing contrast – a combination that makes Bloomy truly eye-catching in all situations.

Like all ceramic containers by Scheurich, Bloomy is absolutely watertight and is of course Made in Germany. The selection consists of the perfectly colour matched variants Mulberry, Glass Grey, Moonwhite and Moss. No matter whether they are combined with green plants like native lilies (Alocasia) and coffee shrub (Coffea arabica) or lusciously blooming plants like Vriesea or Hydrangea; these shabby chic coverpots offer the perfect stage for a great appearance.

Available Sizes: 13 and 15 cm