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Bördy Starlight

All the birds are already here

Bördy Starlight from Scheurich

There is nothing better than to sit on the terrace or balcony and let a relaxing day drift by!

Especially when the atmosphere is enhanced by impressive lighting.  Bördy Starlight from Scheurich creates  illuminating moments. Both of these translucent birds are made of green plastic; two especially adorable dickey birds which land in planters, balcony flower boxes or the garden bed.

Conveniently they bring along their own nesting box which is equipped with special comforts; a solar panel on the roof converts energy from the sun into electricity by day, which is saved in the integrated battery. The climate friendly energy source lets this sympathetic bird couple shine after nightfall – thanks to the light sensor.

The soft glimmer and the amusing design of Bördy Starlight make this charming accessory a garden highlight throughout the year.  During the day, the bird duo and their birdhouse are very eye-catching. This is also the case for the rest of the Bördy family, it lends itself as the perfect addition to the Scheurich offspring – as a small present or for one’s own open air living room.

While Bördy Starlight scores as a smart light applicator, Bördy XL and for the indoors Bördy S and Bördy M, specialise in the water supply to plants. They can easily be filled with their wide opened beaks and dispense a refreshing drop into the soil bit by bit via the clay pin which is stuck in the ground.

Available Size: Giftbox – 3 items with solar birdhouse
and 2 Bördy Starlight (9cm), each with
ground spike