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The greener side

Botanical by Scheurich

Leaves are whispering of a newcomer! And we’re excited to announce what’s new: Botanical by Scheurich now expands the popular Urban Jungle, with the new Tropical Garden and Palm Garden, making the presence of green plants once again a lifestyle choice with the feel-good factor guaranteed. The broad-leaved decorative pot designs appear realistic and are eye-catching a real recipe for relaxation. They are perfectly suited to the zebra plant (Calathea zebrine), monstera (Monstera deliciosa) or parlour palm (Chamaedorea elegans).

Green living knows no boundaries. A natural lifestyle harmonises wonderfully with Scandinavian design and transforms a classic, cosy atmosphere into the on-trend “Hygge”, and everyone can use a little more of that! Botanical is available in sizes up to XL and makes greenery centre stage without compromises. Put on the floor, small urban-living gardens emerge, which create fresh air so that you can breathe and relax.

Pictures, pillows and blankets featuring leaf motifs as well as use of the colour sage green, co-ordinate well with these new cover-pots. Interesting arrangements can be created by combining Tropical Garden and Palm Garden with the popular Scheurich cover-pots in Panna and Anthracite.

To keep the green oasis dry, these high quality cover-pots are manufactured from
100 percent waterproof ceramic.

Available sizes:
Tropical Garden: cover-pots 12, 13, 15, 18 and 21 cm
Palm Garden: cover-pots 12, 13, 15, 18 and 21 cm