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Corteza Bowl

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Corteza by Scheurich

Lovers of nature with a sense of style can now combine succulents with the new Corteza bowl by Scheurich. The colourways of Menta, Canela, Pimienta, Vainilla and Panna are reminiscent of the colours of nature’s different surroundings, in which exotic plants with spikes or thick leaves feel right at home. Panna or Pimienta create a cool look in combination with different cacti, whereas the earthy Canela has a warmer feel to it. That’s how natural, yet stylish, arrangements can be created.

Naturalness is at the centre. Trendsetters will place the organically styled bowl with its rough and hand-crafted looking surface onto side tables or little stools to create eye-catching displays of Echeveria, Aloe and similar, to enhance the ambience. Moss, pebbles or tree bark are wonderful decorative additions, as are the other pots within the popular Corteza range: minis, cover pots and orchid containers, all with their idiosyncratic fabric-like texture and thick rim.

The succulent family is large and the classic cacti, jade plant and Agave are all members. Together they share one thing; they are low-maintenance, keep their leaves, need little water and look charming even during dry spells.

Corteza leaves no wish unfulfilled; bowl, cover pots, orchid containers and minis are manufactured to proven 100% waterproof Scheurich quality.

Available Sizes:
Bowl: 21 cm
Cover pots: 12, 14, 16, 19, 22 and 25 cm
Orchid container: 15 cm
Mini cover pots: 7 and 10 cm