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Driving Home

Music to my ears

Driving Home by Scheurich

Year after year the drive home at Christmas brings back memories of the smell of delicious cookies, candlelight and freshly cut branches. Do you remember how we brought the tree in back in the day? Scheurich now lovingly catches this nostalgia with its festive cover-pot Driving Home; pine trees and old-world charm decorate this retro series that’s now all the rage.

Simply pause and spend time together like every year; enjoy those small rituals, the hanging of decorations and ornaments, they get us in the right mood for the Christmas period, during which time the classic Christmas plant is mandatory for many people. It’s a perfect colour match, the combination of poinsettia and cover-pot create a great gift for a colleague, neighbour or a dear friend.

The motifs of the cover-pots are repeated within the decoration; small pine trees with miniature glitter balls, straw stars and snow flakes made of felt complete the look of Driving Home every bit as well as a poinsettia. Create charming Christmas stories that invoke a feeling of “back in the day”; how wonderful that we’re together once again!

Made in Germany, Scheurich’s innovative manufacturing technology is synonymous with high-quality and the pots are guaranteed 100 percent waterproof.

Available sizes: Cover-pots: 13 and 15 cm