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Enya and Yara

We love Green!

Enya and Yara by Scheurich

Plant lovers can now get for their homes one of four cool watering cans by Scheurich. Enya and Yara, with their attractive styling, offer two different shapes; Enya matches the design for cover pots Jardin and World Tour, while Yara comprises Little Garden and Happy. Both ranges remind us to water our plants in their own unique way and help make plant care an on-trend theme.

Globetrotters and those nostalgic for the past may well prefer Enya and integrate their personal favourite into their living space. The watering can World Tour with its world map print is perfect next to souvenirs from near and far, whereas Jardin completes a retro-style room, its look a perfect match with other vintage tin and metal items.

Little Garden is a white watering can with green lettering, it is a wonderful match for the urban jungle of Crassulaceae, and lets the plants continue to take all the limelight. While Happy gets to the heart of things; caring for plants makes you happy! Both watering cans are part of the Yara series, whose name derives from a water goddess, as does the name Enya.

Due to their ergonomic handles everything is under control! The modern watering can shape is an eye-catching feature of Yara with its extra large grip, whereas Enya sports a more classic look. Precise watering is therefore as easy as pie with both cans. Combined with a matching plant pot, both accessories make a great gift and a perfect “Thank you” to friendly neighbours who take care of our plants while we are on holiday.

Available sizes:
Watering can Enya: World Tour, Jardin, 1,1 litres
Watering can Yara: Happy, Little Garden, 1,2 litres