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Fleur | Romantic

Flowers and Hearts

Fleur and Romantic from Scheurich

Accent pieces are still a great favourite of interior decorators. Currently in vogue is the use of decorative letters and words which is giving a whole new meaning and style to table sets, china and wall art. Designers have also made the heart motif a centrepiece and one of their top design choices.

With Fleur and Romantic, Scheurich brings these two key trends to indoor plants. With Fleur, words in big white letters pronounce the ‘language of the flower’ in French, English, and Italian, and are set on the velvet-matt, earth-coloured background. Romantic features a white heart shape motif containing fine stylised blossoms. The stamp décor appears slightly differently on each piece which gives the pots a sense of real value; perfect for people who feel at home with either classic or natural styles. A perfect gift for a friend or for oneself! The cover pots offer co-ordinating colour combinations; the series Earth and White Earth match, with the latter picking up on the colour white. Naturally the pots are one hundred percent waterproof.

Orchids which bloom white (e.g. Phalaenopsis) in particular accentuate the elegant look of the new cover pots. Fans of foliage plants will find that those those with silvery-white stripes on their leaves are a good match, e.g. Korbmaranthe (Calathea) or Alokasie (Alocasia), as well as Elefantenfusse (Beaucarnea) and Korallenkaktus (Phipsalis).