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Lumen Style

Light up your life

Lumen Style by Scheurich

Made to shine! Lumen Style brings a great mood to the home, the patio and the garden all year round. Globe, Pot and the light object Star are exciting products by Scheurich and bring joy to the art of decorating. Lumen Style is eye-catching, be it as part of an interior design or when used outside between plants, shrubs and trees, or as pathway lighting when placed into plant beds running alongside.

Globe is the classic among these lamps which Scheurich presents along with some practical tips. These lit up spheres look especially beautiful when arranged with box trees, grasses or hydrangeas. Turn on the light and the barbecue party is on! Globe creates a cosy atmosphere for warm summer nights outdoors or winter evenings on the couch.

Festive stars illuminate the cold season alongside flickering candles, bathing the months leading up to Christmas in a warming and relaxing glow. For decoration enthusiasts and romantics alike, Star is a joyful sight next to a decorated Christmas tree. Literally pick the stars from the sky and put them into the garden.

Using the handy remote, Star and Globe transform into colourful accessories with the click of a button and can be set to suit a personal style. The integrated multi-colour LED module features 15 different colours and quickly keeps pace with new trends in and around the home.

Spot on for our favourite plants; Carina and Ken are impressive planters with the “wow” factor. For plant lovers these attractive planters are available in round and angular options, and especially tall plants make striking centre pieces when placed in them. As a light source both LEDs and energy-saving bulbs can be used. Pot on the other hand is a real chameleon. Being a stylish drinks cooler, all eyes will be on it when the next party comes.

Lumen Style is made in Germany from high-quality, recyclable plastic. Outdoor use is no problem thanks to its frost and UV resistance, and Lumen Style is even splashproof.

Available sizes:
Lumen Style Globe: 30 and 40 cm
Lumen Style Star: 40 and 55 cm
Lumen Style Pot Carina: 40 cm
Lumen Style Pot Ken: 40 cm