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A different kind of tweet

Message by Scheurich

Say it with Scheurich. The short messages of the new cover-pot series speak for themselves: Love, Dream and Be Happy. Message is therefore the most beautiful alternative to a digital one. It’s a welcome and visually pleasing homage to stylish, classic design. The popular font Futura used in grey decorates these simple cover-pots and ensures they become a feature for plant lovers in any living space.

Futura – just like the Bauhaus era – stands for timeless modernity, and it has done so for more than 90 years. The Message range therefore fits well within a number of trends, including Scandinavian Flair and retro chic, without losing its powerful meaning. Sometimes Message is that little touch of inspiration for ourselves or it conveys “everything is going to be OK”, “take care” or “I love you” to others. Message is a perfect gift for birthdays and reunions, but it can also show your appreciation at any occasion.

Being charmed the analogue way is simply cool: On-trend plants like moth orchids (Phalaenopsis), walking ferns (Asplenum Parvati) or proclainflower (Hoya camosa) are stylish matches for these three new cover-pots. And in this time of social media these short messages hit just the right tone: Love, dreams and happiness create a positive atmosphere and help to refocus thoughts when taking a break from the stresses of work.

The high quality ceramic cover-pots are Made in Germany and guaranteed to be 100 percent waterproof.

Available sizes:
Cover-pots: 11, 12 and 13 cm