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Plant pot 608

Tall pots in every size

Scheurich launches complete range

Whether bright blossoms or verdant vegetation, plants play an important role in creating an ambience at home. They give fresh accents of colour, help clean the air, and give your home a unique look. Cachepots that fit in with your furnishings give a sense of consistency. Scheurich is now launching an end-to-end solution: its popular, extra tall plant pots with a lean silhouette are now available in every size.

From orchids and dieffenbachia to imposing ponytail palms (Nolina), now you can transform any leafy roommate into the most attractive feature in the room. Perfect for everyone who enjoys modern design! In all of the various sizes, these pots are as elegant when displayed in a row on a shelf or windowsill, or as table decorations, as a group on a sideboard, or alone in an exposed position on the floor. Available in Glossy Cream, Panna, Dark Red, and Anthracite, they blend beautifully into any interior style.

Not only are these pots visually appealing, but their contents also fit exactly, which all comes down to their cleverly designed insides. The small and medium containers have a step to provide a secure footing, while the large sizes are supplied with a special insert. In addition to providing a completely stable base, this feature offers two other advantages. First, any excess water runs into the bottom of the pots, which is especially important for orchids. Second, it transforms the XXL models into ideal lifestyle pots for rooms with underfloor heating. And there is no need to worry about floorboards or parquet: as with all Scheurich ceramic products, this range is 100% watertight.

When it comes to plant partners for these cutting-edge containers, there are (almost) no limits. The smaller sizes are especially suited to the most popular types of orchids (e.g. Phalaenopsis, Cambria, Cattleya); the medium versions look good with mother-in-law’s tongue (Sanseviria), aloe (Aloe) and other common house plants; and the XXL towers are large enough to house any giants – and those that might grow that way given enough space – such as ferns (Asplenium, Nephrolepis), house lime (Sparmannia), palms (Howea, Livistona, Trachycarpus), dwarf banana (Musa), medinilla (Medinilla) and money trees (Pachira).

Available Sizes: 9, 13, 17, 22, 25, 28, 34 and 40 cm