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Pottery by Scheurich

Organic shapes, earthy tones, natural materials. In short, a balance for the stressful daily work routine, that’s what we long for at home, in our kitchens, on our windowsills. Pottery is the name of a new cover-pot series by Scheurich, which picks up this trend and offers a contemporary exterior for our green room-mates. The sophistication of these one hundred percent watertight ceramic containers lies in their crafted-looking exterior. The rough surface, with its irregular groove patterns, can be felt and touched even on the inside of the pot, the softly curved shapes and the hand-thrown look to the rims, give these planters an authentic look. Hand-made design instead of perfection, character instead of flawlessness – these cover-pots, plant bowls and orchid containers are unique items made in Germany.

All three versions are available in the warm colours of Cream Stone, Umber Stone and Taupe Stone and can be combined pleasingly. At the same time the differing shapes open up numerous creative possibilities; the bowls offer room for up to three plants – perfect for miniature gardens where plants are grouped together just as they would be found in nature. Orchids are also a great looking fit. Single plants look their best in the cover-pots. Elephant foot (Beaucarnea recurvata) for example or ficus ‘Ginseng’ (Ficus microcarpa) and succulents such as Senecio archeri ‘Himalaya’ exude a wonderful calmness. Whereas the fresh green leaves and orange-yellow flower heads of a Vrisea glow much more intensely and is bound to release creative potential!

Available Sizes: Cover Pots: 16, 18, 20 and 24 cm

Planting bowl round: 24 cm

Orchid container: 15 cm