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Retro Garden Mini

Must-have Vintage Styling

Retro Garden Mini by Scheurich

Cacti are unique, fascinatingly beautiful and pretty much indestructible – and after a pro-longed absence in the living room, these spiky accessories are making a strong come-back, especially the miniature variety. Scheurich picks up this trend with Retro Garden Mini, the little sister of the popular cover-pot series. These mini pots have a used look, recalling times past, and evoking an air of nostalgia, just like the cacti themselves. They therefore make great heartfelt gifts.

With Retro Garden Mini a cheerful mix of old and new is moving into the home. The combination of cactus and shiny enamel pot with its eye-catching graphic is both an invitation to browse the flea market as well as the modern lifestyle area. It’s up to you! Old storage containers and refurbished furniture create a harmonious ambience with Retro Garden, while items and furniture in steel and copper become design accents that stand out from the retro look just like the spikes of the cacti!

Shabby Chic outside, state-of-the-art quality on the inside. Retro Garden meets all of the demands expected of modern products; they are produced using an innovative procedure, are Made in Germany and are 100 percent waterproof. The low-maintenance cacti and the hand-crafted style of Retro Garden make this duo a favourite gift. But they are also a must-have for those with a busy lifestyle: Cacti are undemanding plants and the styling of Retro Garden makes one remember that charm and the simple things in life win in the end – goodbye perfectionism!

Available Sizes:
7 and 9 cm