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A piece of nature

Shades by Scheurich

Scheurich brings them into the light! Scottish Moss and Dark Moss are the attractive newcomers, which outshine everything else. With their high gloss finish, strong natural styling and combined with on-trend houseplants, the cover-pot series Shades sets the stage for the urban jungle and is ready to create the perfect arrangement with accessories in mint and sage.

Shades meets Scandinavia. These new cover-pots fit in perfectly with Nordic design and its simplistic chic. Visually, Dark Moss is literally down-to-earth due to its deep shade of grey, while Scottish Moss evokes images of endless landscapes. Pepper plants (Peperomia Napoli nights) or the shrub-like Horn Tree (Crassula) complete Shades in a very natural way.

For followers of the current green living trend, thick-leafed money trees can be combined with the diverse muted colours and different sizes of the cover-pots. Used with a striking Monstera, Scottish Moss becomes a “highlander” between smaller plant pots in grey or white and puts the moss theme back into the spotlight. As a wall plant or part of “plant pictures”, creating these living green displays improves the indoor climate just like Shades. The high-quality ceramic cover-pots are Made in Germany and 100 percent waterproof.

Available sizes: 13, 14, 16, 19 and 22 cm