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Hanging pots

Decorative Vertical Take-Off

Sky Hanger by Scheurich

Vertical gardening is a big trend these days, creating demand in both the indoor and outdoor markets. Every available space in this third dimension is filled with flowers and foliage. These elegant hanging pots by Scheurich are attractive features at eye-level – filled with summer flowers and hung above balconies and patios or with houseplants in the home.

Due to the simple, conical shape of these round planters, they suit modern interiors well. This high-quality hanging pot, which is made-in-Germany, is an impressive design object, with both great looks and practical functionality. The base of the pot contains a small water reservoir. If the water level exceeds a certain amount, the excess water simply runs off. If the pots are placed on patios or indoors, the drainage hole can be closed with a plug: no run-off water to leave ugly stains on sensitive flooring materials.

Three co-ordinating and matched colourways are available for cheerful combinations of summer flowers. Plants with hanging shoots like fuchsia (Fuchsia) or petunia (Petunia) look equally wonderful in Bright Green, White, and Metallic Grey. The generously blossoming nightshade (Calibrachoa) or the luscious colours of vervain (Verbena), hanging geraniums (Pelargonium), and edging lobelia (Lobelia) also make great arrangements. For indoor use, greenery like spiderwort (Callisia) or climbing variants of the currently popular peperomia (Peperomia) are great partners. Maidenhair (Muehlenbeckia) or ivy (Hedera) feel at home in house and garden and can therefore stay in the same pots when they are moved indoors for the winter.

Additionally, Sky Hanger beautifully accompanies its siblings of the Sky Line by  Scheurich – Skypot and Sky Balcon.

Available Sizes:
Ø 20 cm, chain length 40 cm