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Skypot M

Space Saver with Style

Skypot by Scheurich

Enjoy and keep the beautiful view; Skypot M by Scheurich is an innovative as well as stylish solution for everyone in need of additional space for even more plants in their garden or on their balcony. This will not only excite fans of modern design ideas, because this little sibling of the successful Skypot L, is also an attractive lightweight with hidden depths. Available in two sizes, these elegant semi-sphere planters can easily be placed in flower pots, because they sit on a tall support made of aluminium. Skypot M also combines reduced weight with high stability and functionality. A small water reservoir in the base helps to keep its green inhabitants unaffected by dry spells. At the same time plant roots are protected reliably from water-logging; as soon as the reservoir is full, excess water is drained into the ground through the aluminium tube.

Skypot is available in Bright White, Bright Green and Bright Metallic Grey colours and is made of a high gloss, low maintenance plastic – just like the others in the popular Scheurich Sky Line with which Skypot M is a perfect complement. Of course combining with the bigger Skypot will work particularly well. But also as a standalone item, Skypot M is eye-catching even from afar; seemingly floating above all things below, it gives garden designs an ambience as light as air. Among others, it is a perfect match for a deep blue gentian used in combination with trailing ivy. Delicate grasses, generously blossoming summer flowers like seaside petunias (Calibrachoa) and soapworts (Saponaria) or aromatic herbs are also great fits. Enjoy the summer – on all levels!

Available Sizes:
Skypot M: Ø 16 cm, hight 75 and 90 cm
Skypot L: Ø 20 cm, hight 115 and 135 cm