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Sprayboy version 2

Trend item and plant sprayer

Sprayboy by Scheurich

These make for colourful company! Sprayboys are real eye-catchers wherever they are used. With their sharp two-colour styling, the new sprayers from Scheurich are bright and cheerful when placed among the foliage and flowering plants on the window sill and when desired give a properly measured and fine spray.

Sprayboy is not just different in terms of its powerful appearance. Its handling has also been thought through, down to one important detail that distinguishes it from conventional models: to refill it with water you can use an easily accessible opening, without any troublesome unscrewing. Quick and easy!

The Sprayboy is part of the innovative plastics range from Scheurich. This success story began with the Sprayman; the watering can and sprayer combined. The Sprayboy is an unmistakeable part of the same family – like its “big brother” it’s not just a practical tool for plant care, but is also a decorative lifestyle accessory.

Available sizes:
Content: 0.7 litres, height: 26 cm