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Natural Design with rich Texture

Stone by Scheurich

Permanence is a valuable property. Maybe that is why stone materials are so regularly used in living spaces. Literally solid as a rock, stone designed objects exude calmness due to their no-frills character and minimalist shapes. The new cover-pot range, Stone by Scheurich, effectually focuses on the essential. The low-key stone look adds timeless charm and naturalness to every living space.

The cachepots in dark Graphite, earthy Taupe and light Grey Stone are inspired by natural mineral tones. Shale and sandstone as well as pebble-grey concrete are the counterparts of these colours. The unique character of each ceramic pot is achieved with colour gradients and the texture of the material. As a result the authentic stone finish has a very natural look to it, which is additionally intensified by the matt surface. In comparison to commercially available planters made from concrete, these cover pots and the rectangular bowl are one hundred percent watertight and also markedly lighter. This makes for easier handling and opens up new possibilities, for example placing the pots on sensitive wood floors. As always, this new range carries the label Made in Germany.

Available in three colours, Stone offers a wide variety of possible combinations for decorative arrangements. Especially co-ordinated pairings can be achieved with leafy ornamental plants like Kris Plant (Alocasia), Echeveria (Echeveria), and Mistletoe Cactus (Rhipsalis), whose contrasting leaf pattern emphasises the elegance of these containers. Cultivated beauties on the other hand give them a prestigious character, for example white-blossoming Butterfly Orchids (hybrids of Phalaenopsis) or – the classic – green plants like Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina).

Available Sizes: 14, 16 and 18 cm