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Colourful Mix

Terrazzo by Scheurich

It’s going to get colourful! Scheurich presents Terrazzo, a colour explosion of a special kind. The artistic pattern on this new cover pot range stands for high spirits and limitless arrangement possibilities. An allusion to the historic flooring of the same name, Terrazzo is a stylish player in interior decor and Scheurich shows how.

Prominent patches of colour give Terrazzo its unique and amazingly attractive character; plants like Peperomia napoli nights (decorative pepper) or Calathea (arrowroot) come sharply into focus with this new series. When combined with single colour cover-pots in Taupe, Oliva, Burgundy or Curcuma, a vibrant look emerges as the colours of Terrazzo are picked up once more.

Terrazzo brings a cosmopolitan flair into the home; many famous cafés, restaurants, museums and churches worldwide have been designed with terrazzo. In the ancient world, floors were adorned with marble and limestone pieces as well as river pebbles and then polished to high gloss finishes. Today we find cushion covers, wallpapers, table tops and notebooks in this cheerful confetti style.

Every colour opens up a new design path. Curcuma and Terrazzo create a more natural colour palette, which can be expanded with orange coloured cushions or a throw in ochre for example. Burgundy creates a stronger tone, fitting in perfectly with antique wooden furniture but also with interior styles that are designed in a white and grey palette.

Terrazzo conjures memories of sunny days and lets plant lovers beam. Additionally, this high end product enjoys features that are bound to convince the undecided; they are Made in Germany and absolutely waterproof!

Available sizes:
11, 13 and 15 cm