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All Good Things come in Threes

Trilogy by Scheurich

Three in one! Geometric shapes are all the rage at the moment, but they don’t necessarily have to have corners and edges. A good example is the ceramic bowl Trilogy, a new trendsetting cachepot by Scheurich, which offers space for three plants in the one pot.

Shaped in the style of a clover leaf, the curved exterior gives the bowl a continuous look to it. The three segments have been designed with an orchid in mind as inspiration. The effect is obvious: each plant stands individually secure yet together form a harmonising and coordinating trio, weaving their charm in and around their combined and blossoming stems – this is especially effective if three plants of the same kind and colour are used.

Trilogy is available in the classic colours of Anthracite and Panna. All bowls are completely watertight and Made in Germany. The dark as well as the brightly coloured versions underline the sophisticated character of plants, for example Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis). The green bowl is suitable for white-flowering species, a colour combination which makes the arrangement appear exceptionally stylish.

Scheurich has developed the Trilogy concept in such a way that not only orchids achieve their full visual potential, other plant combinations comprising three different plants also work very well. An attractive trio can be arranged with plants of different heights, for example a hanging plant like Muehlenbeckia as a ground cover, a tall orchid with a long flower pike, and in between a subtly flowering plant like the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum). Arranging is easy: simply place the plants with their respective plastic containers into the bowl, and the ensemble is ready! Actual planting is not necessary – hands stay clean.

Whether with orchids or foliage plants, Trilogy is an effective centrepiece by itself and is also a great idea for personalised gifts.

Available Size: 25 cm