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Orchids perfectly staged

Twirl by Scheurich

Sometimes a little obscurity is a good thing. Often glass only unveils its true and attractive potential when its surface has been glazed or marbled, transforming its aura depending on the play of light and the angle of view. The new glass containers, Twirl for orchids by Scheurich, achieve this sophisticated effect with a striking pattern which perfectly reflects the curved shape of the container. Every piece is unique because of the individual finishes in four different colours.

The decorative patterns of Orchid Twirl, Night Twirl, Snow Twirl, and Grass Twirl have been matched to the pastel colours of orchid blossom in a complementary way, but they also form wonderful combinations with other houseplants and co-ordinate well with each other. Due to its balanced shape and transparent surface, Twirl is a perfect partner for the blossomed gems among your houseplants. Plant containers are held a couple of centimeters above the bottom of the cover pot, so that the sensitive roots are not exposed to excess water. Photosynthesis can take place all the way into the tips of the roots, because light reaches all parts of the plants, this provides optimal conditions for the growth of Phalaenopsis and other orchids with aerial roots.

Available Size: 17 cm