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Urban Jungle

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Urban Jungle with Scheurich

They’re back! Houseplants are regaining their popularity in urban areas and showing off a whole new look. Hanging baskets with ivy, orchids beneath glass domes, or groups of succulents arranged in a choice of containers are the new on-trend living room accessories that make living with plants so enjoyable.

That’s because the urban jungle doesn’t need to be restricted to plant pots:  cushions with floral patterns, wallpaper in various colours inspired by grass, leaves and more, as well as pictures depicting the joy of the flora around us, all help create a lifestyle that brings nature into our living spaces. The urban jungle blurs the lines between trend and attitude – handcrafted and up-cycled items meet new design objects and treasures from the flea market.

With the Pottery Edition by Scheurich the urban jungle radiates differently each and every time. The rims, the textured surfaces with differing grooves and ridges and their softly curved shapes make this edition look handcrafted and are a characteristic feature of the range, as is the fact they are fully waterproof. From Mini to XXL, from money tree to other jungle inhabitants, there’s a fitting pot for all.

The cover-pots Corteza, Intense and Pure Pottery charmingly break this visual sea of green, each in their unique way. Pure Pottery evokes a feeling of being at one with nature in its earthy appearance and colour. With Intense, brightness and a touch of glamour flows through the urban jungle; its impressive exterior contrasting beautifully with all those shades of green. And Corteza emphasises the naturalness once more with its textured, bark-like exterior.

Available sizes:
Pure Pottery: Cover-pots 16, 18, 20 and 24 cm, Plant bowl round 24 cm, Orchid pot 15 cm
Intense: Cover-pots 15, 18, 21, 25 and 28 cm, Bowl 25 cm
Corteza: Mini cover-pots 7 and 10 cm, Cover-pots 12, 14, 16, 19, 22 and 25 cm, Bowl 21 cm, Orchid pot 15 cm