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Wave Bright Green

Leading in design

Wave by Scheurich

Being in touch with the latest trends and offering innovative products with added value is part of Scheurich’s corporate philosophy. The new cachepot series Wave reflects this dynamic approach to new design. Created in a modern wavy style, Wave reflects current interior design trends. After successfully launching orchid sticks and the Sprayman, the Wave series will ensure that Scheurich takes over as the design leader for plastic plant accessories.

A seemingly organic shape with irregular lines makes Wave look different from every angle. In the colours Bright Green, Red and Violet, which correspond to blossoms and leaves, Wave’s fresh look is a natural eye-catcher, while the classic colours of Black and White provide richly contrasting accents that can be integrated into any décor style.

The wide product range comprises eight sizes ranging from S to XXL available in each colour. Thanks to their design, which means they fit standard plant containers, Wave provides the perfect home for many different kinds of plants in all different sizes. Whether orchids or green plants, with Wave you’ll be at the forefront of interior design.

Available sizes:
15, 17, 19, 23, 26, 28, 31 and 36 cm