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Wave Garden Range

All on one wave

Wave Garden from Scheurich

Staircases or gardens, balconies or roof-terraces, they all look set to blossom; Wave Garden offers an attractive as well as functional solution for every garden design situation. All in all, 40 different options are available, all produced in Germany.

No matter which frost-proof and UV light-resistant planter the consumer decides to buy, it is perfectly equipped to ride the outdoor wave. All have an innovative plug. Scheurich is the first manufacturer to enable the water drainage plug at the bottom of the planter to be opened and be closed at will. Placed in the ‘park’ position under the planter, the plug will not get lost during the outdoor season and is then immediately available in autumn when the planter is moved indoors. Unsightly saucers and water damage on the floor are both a thing of the past.

Whether in a modern outdoor lounge atmosphere on a terrace or on a bright balcony, the two different colour designs of Wave Garden cover all possible decorative choices. In Metallic Grey or Living Taupe the planters appear restrained and elegant. Vibrant green in contrast sets a vivid colour course and even without planting could be used as eye-catching bottle coolers for a BBQ or at a beach party.

Wave Garden Bowl is a shapely and dimensionally stable alternative to grow bags, perfect for city gardeners. Tomatoes and salads prosper in these planters as do shrubs. The Jardiniere is also perfect for container-gardening; with its narrow appearance it makes optimum use of its space and would also be suitable for a mini herb garden or for sowing a colourful mix of summer flowers.

Where angled shapes are required, Wave Garden Cubo makes its mark. It combines geometric simplicity with the dynamic elements of the Wave Globe series and also offers sufficient root space for attractive plants such as hibiscus or Oleander. This is how plants and gardeners can enjoy a new lease of life through the summer.

Available sizes:
Wave Garden: 30, 35, 41 and 48 cm
Wave Garden Cubo: 30, 40 and 50 cm
Wave Garden Bowl: 30 and 40 cm
Wave Garden Jardiniere: 50 cm