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Wave Garden

Spirited into the outdoor season

Wave Garden by Scheurich

Stylish lounge furniture, exquisite floorings, open-air kitchens; terraces and roof gardens have already become comfortable outdoor living rooms – just a shame that the stars of the scene, the plants, have had to be satisfied with much less modern planters. But now there is an end to their style by-pass! With its new planter series Wave Garden by Scheurich, fresh colours and bold shapes enter the outdoor area. These lightweight, high-grade plastic planters, which are like the familiar Scheurich ceramic pots originally made in Germany, come in a striking design and with an elegant tapered shape which also makes moving them even easier.

But these completely frost-resistant containers are not only innovative in their design; with Wave Garden, Scheurich is the first manufacturer to offer planters with a water drainage hole at the bottom which can be opened and closed easily with one hand. When the tightly fitting plugs are removed and placed in the adjacent “parking position”, the water will drain well, even after heavy rains. When the hole is plugged again the planters can be safely placed in the house for the winter. It’s a solution that also reliably prevents waterlogging.

Based on the successful indoor series Wave, the UV-resistant XXL versions for outdoor areas are available in different colours so they can be arranged with seating areas and with favourite plants. Metallic Grey and Taupe for example suit elegant polyrattan sofas in earthy tones perfectly, these colours are also recommended as partners to dark foliage and grasses or evergreen topiary trees. Planters in Living Green create a cheerful mood, individually or in groups they provide bright design accents and complement each other very well with modern patio plants such as magic bells (Calibrachoa) or elf mirror (Nemesia) and help bring a holiday mood to the balcony and terrace. All shades enjoy a special feature, they include fine glitter particles, allowing the planters to sparkle in the sunshine.

Available Sizes: 30, 35, 41 and 48 cm