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Fresh Breeze in the Urban Garden

Windbörd by Scheurich

A longing for the countryside is at the heart of the green trend that is visible all over our cities. There are few balconies left unadorned by homegrown herbs, lavender and miniature fruit trees. The desire for nature, sun and wind is now met by Scheurich with Windbörd, a weathercock which is perfectly suited to the urban garden lifestyle.

As a decorative item and wind vane, Windbörd is a must-have accessory for balconies and roof gardens. Windbörd also adds to the visual atmosphere; shining in the sunlight as it resides between tomato plants and a sea of blossoms, it reliably shows the direction of the wind and provides a nice change of scene.

Weathercocks have been traditional symbols for a long time. This product innovation by Scheurich combines the classic, proven qualities of a vane but with a modern twist. The fluorescent material of the green acrylic cockerel breaks the sunlight like a prism – illuminating the edges.

Be it in a planter or a cheerfully colourful balcony box – the weathercock is an instant-favourite for all gardens, whilst the colour Green has been chosen by Scheurich to harmonise perfectly with the great outdoors.

This fashionably designed wind bird comes with a creative gift box, making it the ideal present for summer parties. It only takes a couple of steps, and Windbörd is quickly assembled.

Available Size: 26 x 19 cm, height 76 cm