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Cover Pot Modern

New look with Scheurich

Vases and bowls in a modern design

A classic touch with just a nuance of something more: silver, graphite and anthracite with a hint of glitter are currently a key theme in both décor and fashion. They are subtle, elegant and timelessly beautiful and the perfect foil when teamed with dramatic modern colours such as purple.

Scheurich’s new vases and bowls match these tones precisely. In shimmering Graphite Metallic, simple Panna and fashionable Pure Violet, their look is both classic and stylish and their shape unusual, a beautiful curved ellipse,. This makes them must-have items in any modern setting. They are also a welcome alternative for anyone who finds the current black-white contrasts too severe. The vases and bowls make for ideal partners when used in combination. With their silky smooth surfaces and muted colours, these accessories are calming to the eye, providing a sense of balance in our homes. Just add an accent in Pure Violet – no more is required to create a stylish atmosphere. The colours Graphite Metallic, Panna and Pure Violet also include a range of pots in sizes up to XL, so both plants and flowers can find a perfect home.

Essentially the new vases are suitable for either bunches of flowers or individual stems. For furnishing styles in grey and white, varieties with white petals such as lisianthuses (Eustoma), broom (Genista), waxflowers (Chamelaucium), carnations (Dianthus), roses (Rosa) or Peruvian lilies (Alstroemeria) are perfect. If you would prefer some colour, purple flowers are the ideal contrast. Low house plants with sculptural foliage make for chic counterparts to the bowls, particularly in pairs. These include aloes (Aloe), echeverias (Echeveria) or haworthias (Haworthia). The elliptical bowls look particularly smart when paired with white flowering orchids (e.g. Phalaenopsis).

Available sizes:
Bowls: 25 and 32 cm
Vases: 20, 25 and 40 cm