We are pioneers in
environmentally friendly
production and have been
ÖKOPROFIT-certified for years

All our ceramic cover pots
are 100 % waterproof –

We take responsibility
for people and
the environment

We want to achieve carbon neutrality in our sites by 2035

We have this goal in mind and are working hard to increase the efficiency of our plants, replace CO2 in energy and raw materials and implement extensive investments in our comprehensive sustainability strategy.


Sustainability Statement



Both our ceramic cover pots and our plastic planters are designed to be beautiful and durable – so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. We therefore pay attention to every detail, from the selection of raw materials to end quality control.

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GARDURO® is our high-quality, recyclable
plastic, from which we produce very durable planters
using a waste-free, patented rotation moulding process. Thanks also to the high quality control standards throughout the entire production cycle.

Durable. Sustainable. With a 10-year guarantee.
Planters made of GARDURO®.



CERTURO® is our plastic material made from up to 98% recycled plastic.* From that we produce our thick-walled, high quality plant-container series Purista and Groove (incl. watering insert) using a multi-component procedure.
From up to 98% recycled material.* and 100% recyclable. With 8-year guarantee.
CERTURO® made plant pots.

*Depending on colour and surface of the containers; recycling material = post-consumer waste



REDURO® is our 100% recycled plastic.
We use it for the injection moulding of our
plant pot series Country Star® and
our new line Stones®.

100% recycled and recyclable. With 3 years warranty. Planters made of REDURO®.


Ceramics – a
material with

For more than 30,000 years, clay and ceramics have been inspiring mankind with their varied use, from objects to building. When selecting our clay, we pay attention to get the highest quality, sourcing it from the famous Westerwald area in Germany. This is how we ensure that you hold high-quality products in your hands that make your home even more beautiful.

Thai people make asian Traditional craft creativity and handmade

Wicker baskets
complete the story

Natural materials have become an integral part of home décor. Our wicker baskets are handcrafted from naturally occurring raw materials such as seagrass and water hyacinth – both plants flourish without fertilizers and additional watering. For production and processing, we rely on our trustworthy suppliers, who guarantee fair working conditions and fulfil all environmental requirements.


For our children’s future

Our products are almost exclusively “Made in Germany”. This label stands for high quality, short delivery routes, flexibility and secure jobs – all this is part of our sustainability strategy and daily process management. For our children’s future.


Our environmental codex

Environmental protection, sustainability, conservation of resources: All of this can only succeed if everyone contributes something to ensure it happens. For years we have been ISO-14001, ISO-50001 and ÖKOPROFIT certified. Energy recovery and the operation of our own photovoltaic system are as much a part of our commitment as bee-friendly gardening, the avoidance of waste in all areas of our work and the use of e-cars as company cars.