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Scheurich Indoor – Ceramics for Indoors

  • Can I clean Scheurich cover-pots and vases in the dishwasher?

    Ceramic products shouldn’t be cleaned in a dishwasher. We recommend cleaning our cover-pots and vases by hand with lukewarm water and possibly washing-up liquid. High temperatures and extremely aggressive dishwashing detergents could possibly damage the high-quality surface finish of the products.

Bördy, Sprayman & Co.

  • Why do I have to water my plants although there’s still water left in Bördy, Froggy or Copa?

    Please make sure that you always water your plants normally. The water reservoir in Bördy and the other water reserves is dispensed slowly and is therefore also available to the plants. This means the plants don’t have to be watered so frequently. Watering the plants, however, is not possible by “just” filling up the water reservoir, i.e. the plants need more moisture than is dispensed by the water reservoir.

    You can find more information in our “How to Bördy” article in the Scheurich Blog.

  • How do I descale or clean my Bördy, Froggy or Copa?

    The best way to clean and descale you Bördys (or any other water reserves from Scheurich) is to wipe them out with a solution of warm water and vinegar (please only use a moderate amount of vinegar). Or place them in the water and vinegar solution for about 10 minutes and then wipe off any residue on the plastic body and clay cone.

    Rinse your Bördys, Froggy and Copas out thoroughly with clear water before using them again to water your plants. This will ensure that no remaining vinegar comes into contact with your plants’ roots.

  • Are additives in the water harmful to the plastic water reservoirs?

    To ensure your Bördy, Froggy or Copa has the longest possible service life, please do not put any additives such as liquid fertilizer or similar substances into the water as this could prevent the products from functioning properly (regular supply of water to the plant).

  • Can I use Bördy & Co. for my orchids?

    We don’t recommend using Bördy, Froggy or Copa for orchids. The clay cone and the soil must be in “close contact” to ensure that the water dispenser’s clay cone can deliver the water evenly into the plant soil. This cannot be guaranteed, however, because nearly all orchids are planted in special orchid substrate which is much coarser and more permeable than ordinary plant pot soil. Nevertheless, you are welcome to use the water reserves as a chic eye-catcher in your orchid pot if you want – but please be careful not to damage the sensitive roots with the clay cone.

  • My Bördy Starlight Set doesn’t light up – is it broken?

    Please check the switch on the bottom of the solar panel. This must be set to the “ON” position so that the Bördy Starlight can function. If using for the first time, it’s possible that the battery needs charging by sunlight first.

    If your Bördy Starlight stops functioning after you’ve been using it for a long time, it’s possible that the battery may need changing.

    You can find more information in the following operation instructions. 

  • What can I do if the spray nozzle of my Sprayman/Sprayboy doesn’t function properly?

    Have you tried turning the wheel located at the front of the spray nozzle? Very often, this hasn’t been opened completely which prevents the Sprayman/Sprayboy from spraying correctly. Or possibly the spray nozzle is clogged. In this case, simply remove the nozzle and rinse out briefly with clear water.

  • What is the best way to clean my watering can?

    The best way to clean your watering can is with a soft, fluff-free cloth and a warm solution of water and small amount of vinegar in order to remove any possible residue. Rinse the watering can thoroughly with clear water before using it again to water your plants; this will ensure that no remaining vinegar comes into contact with your plants’ roots.

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