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Ceremonial honouring of employees

Kleinheubach. Long-serving employees, deserving retirees and successful trainees were in the spotlight at the anniversary celebration on 27 October. This cordial event in the Paradeismühle Röllfeld provided a worthy setting for those who have been committed to the Scheurich company for many years.

The outstanding achievements and commitment of the 19 honourees were recognised in ceremonial speeches. The shareholders and management emphasised the many years of loyalty, the importance of the enormous amount of work and the important contribution of each individual to the success of the company.

The ceremonial honours for 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and even 45 years of service were followed by the social part of the evening. In a cosy atmosphere, old friendships were cultivated and new connections made, while the successes and experiences of the jubilarians and trainees were celebrated.
Scheurich is proud of its dedicated employees and trainees. Events like this are not only an opportunity to express gratitude, but also a reminder that the commitment and loyalty of employees form the basis of a company’s success.

The picture shows those honoured for 25 years of service with their department heads and the management, from left to right: Ralf Rammo (Managing Director), Heike Geis, Udo Schuhmann (Head of Logistics), Björn Hansen (Managing Director), Bernd Broßler, Jordanis Kalafatis, Alexander Jakob, Burkhardt Paus (Head of Production) and Peter Baumann (Shareholder).