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Cosy Terrace

Barceo by Scheurich

The popular indoor series Corteza has shown the way, now the newcomer Barceo catches up. Designs inspired by nature are all the rage – the sophisticated surface structure resembles tree bark and creates an authentic feature between flowering and green plants. Combined with textile accessories this new planting container range is an excuse to celebrate and relax on the patio, transforming it into an outdoor living room during the summer months.

Barceo consists of round planters, tall containers, bowls as well as a jardiniere and is available in Stony Black and Stony Grey colours. White blossoming summer marguerites (Leucanthemum maximum) or pink Lindheimer’s Beeblossom (Gaura lindheimeri) extend the shape of the Barceo tall containers and immediately catch the eye. Herbs like sage (Salvia farinacea) exude Mediterranean charm and the classic evergreen boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) really shows itself off in the big planter. Barceo is frost and UV resistant and hence perfect to use year-round. All plant containers feature a water drainage hole with the typical Scheurich plug which makes them usable indoors as well.

Naturally sustainable; Scheurich manufactures this innovative outdoor series with the special Garduro finish; a high-quality, recyclable plastic with a unique 10 year guarantee and “Made in Germany” seal. Using a patented rotational moulding technology, these long-life planting containers are made from Garduro, making Barceo part of a sustainable production cycle.

Available sizes:
Planters: 30, 40 and 47 cm
Tall containers: 40 und 54 cm
Planting bowl: 40 cm
Jardiniere: 60 cm