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Bördy XL Outdoor

Plant watering – made ​​easy

Bördy XL from Scheurich

The robin and blue tit are favourite garden birds. Now they will get a serious competitor. A likeable bird that captures the hearts of gardeners and plant fans; Bördy XL, freshly hatched in the innovation forge of Scheurich. This is what you would like to land beside planters and containerised plants as well as in herb and flower beds or between tomato plants. Here, the 29 centimeter large bird, which consists of UV-resistant plastic, opens his beak very wide and waits to be filled with water. With the help of a clay spike he is able to pass the water drop by drop into the earth and the surrounding plants. Up to 620 milliliters fits into the belly of the Outdoor-Bördy, enough to lengthen the time between watering, dependant on the weather, on the balcony or the terrace.

With this loveable plant guardian it is possible to go away on short weekend trips without a guilty conscience. When the days get shorter, he simply moves into his winter quarters – or takes care of the indoor plants during the cold months. Both inside and out, Bördy XL is much more than a useful helper in plant care. The loving attention to detail developed in his design, the careful workmanship and the shimmering Pearl effect surface of his colours: Champagne, Purple and Green, make him a true lifestyle accessory and a great gift.

So Bördy XL both extends and follows on from the sensational success of his millions-of-times proven little brother in the indoor range which is available in two sizes and received the “Home & Trend Award” in 2011.

Available Size: 29 cm