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C-Cube und C-Cube High

New Outdoor Planter

C-Cube by Scheurich

A new addition to the line-up! Scheurich has expanded its successful outdoor product range with C-Cube, another handsome planter in a cubic shape. The C stands for concrete and, of course, the characteristic look of this newcomer. C-Cube is highlighted by the sophistication of its modern plastic design and high-quality manufacturing “Made in Germany”. Additionally, the linear and stackable shape of C-Cube opens up new design options; several cubes can be used like building blocks to create stylish arrangements. The C-Cube is also available in two sizes, providing potential for even greater creativity.

With the authentic concrete appearance of C-Cube, Scheurich again reflects the spirit of the time in its fashion for plants and strikingly emphasises the beauty of those plants. Unlike real concrete, these planters are lightweight, easy to handle, and ready for all creative ideas. Arranged on its own, as a duo, or in groups, C-Cube is a decorative feature, be it on patios, balconies, or at front doors. These planters even meet the needs of deep-rooting plants. What is unique about C-Cube is the possibility to stack them like little stairs or walls that can be moved around, creating ever-changing designs. To enable this stability, the cubes feature a special base construction. They become an attractive sight year-round when equipped with frost-hardy plants or seasonal flowers.The planter range is complemented by a tall version, which further expands the creative opportunities. C-Cube High has a plant insert which offers space for decorative greenery and generous flowers. The column-like planter is ideal for solo displays and harmonises nicely with its cube-shaped counterpart as well as with the new C-Cube Long, a rectangular planter which innately completes the program.

During the manufacturing process, which solely takes place at its state-of-the-art plant in Germany, Scheurich values quality and eco-friendliness above all. “Made in Germany” represents sustainable branded products which do not harm the environment – from cradle to grave. The thick-walled C-Cube containers are nearly 100% recyclable and are produced with a sophisticated rotation-moulding technique, which makes them almost indistinguishable from actual concrete containers. The colour variants Stony Grey and Stony Black can be combined with great effect.


Available Sizes:
C-Cube, 30 and 40 cm
C-Cube High, 70 cm
C-Cube Long, 80 cm