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Corteza Mini

Nature to go!

Corteza Mini-Edition by Scheurich

Give unique presents: the charming mini cover pots of the Corteza series in Menta, Canela, Piementa and Vainilla colours, are the perfect gifts with their surface pattern resembling tree bark and textured fabrics. A best friend will now be pleased by a small palm tree, a colleague by a decorative miniature succulent.

The character of these XS cover pots will take hearts by storm and bring a breath of fresh air to windowsills, sideboards and bathrooms. Combined creatively with tree bark, stones or sand, Corteza brings a hint of nature to any interior. They also add beauty to small spaces and little corners around the home.

Miniature plants are popular; ivy, bird’s nest fern and elephant foot complete the crafted and high-value look of Corteza. These minis are charming arranged individually or in twos or threes. Like all ceramic pots by Scheurich they are guaranteed to be waterproof and Made in Germany.

Available Size: Mini-cover pot 7 cm