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Combi-Tower Mini

Maxi-Turnover with Minis!

Top sellers for plant displays; Scheurich presents its innovative, high quality containers for use with miniature plants to greatly increase turnover, without the need for more space on the sales floor. The Plant-Combi-Tower Mini displays cover pots above the plants, transforming them into something truly eye-catching. With this new display, Scheurich will raise sales of both containers and plants. It’s clear that the marketplace for the popular Minis continues to boom; 80% of the green favourites are bought as gifts for all kinds of occasions across all target demographics.

The fresh colours and designs of the Mini Edition cover-pots also attract younger consumers and help create impulse purchases from browsing customers. Be it individual pots, boats for two miniature plants or Trilogy for three, customers are instantly able to choose plants and containers at will. Simply put the mini plants into the cover-pots and an arrangement is ready – no planting needed!

The robust and stable metal display stand has compact measurements (60W x 50D x 70H cm) and enables very flexible positioning on every plant table. This creates a perfect setting enabling emotions, experiences and creativity to have a very positive effect on sales by giving customers the impulse to buy.  The presentation has been designed to fit in well with proven Scheurich displays and to be set up quickly in a sales area.