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Scandinavian Lifestyle

Lagom by Scheurich

After Hygge comes Lagom, literally translated as “just the right amount”, and it is moving into the living space. With the cover-pot series of the same name, Scheurich presents the current trend from Scandinavia. Lagom is a playful match of original charm and realistic finish – the high-quality design in yellow, grey and blue merges into a variety of interior styles and visually suits many different green plants.

Getting inspired by nature is popular and creates the right atmosphere for recharging and relaxing. This fascinating design features a distinctive and glossy finish. Additionally, every pot is unique – no oval is the same as another, making Lagom radiate with distinctiveness instead of perfection. Individuality is also Scheurich’s theme for the Scandinavian design names; Elna the radiant, Luna the moon, and Alma meaning the valiant.

Reaching the middle ground with mix and match; Lagom complements colourful or solid coloured cover pots equally, producing a creative mix. Plant-wise everything is possible, from Haworthia, Hawaiian or Madagascar palm tree to aloe vera. All cover pots are Made in Germany and 100% watertight.

Available sizes:
Cover pot: 10, 12, 14, 16 and 19 cm