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Orchideen-Clip version 2

Decorative Greetings in the Form of Butterflies

Scheurich´s Orchid-Clip

Orchids are the focal point in many living rooms. These tropical flowering beauties enjoy a native habitat high in the trees of virgin forests – they are among the most popular indoor plants. To support the beautiful and heavy blooming stems the slim stalks are most commonly clamped to a wooden support or fastened to it with rings or wire. A decorative alternative is Scheurich´s new orchid clip.

This delicately designed plant decoration will bring a smile to the face of everyone who receives it; as a birthday present, a thank you, or a souvenir. The shining clip is available in transparent clear as well as green and pink and goes well with the predominantly pastel-shades of many orchids as well as the more vibrant cultures. The shape of the clip has been made especially for orchids. Therefore, the grips are slightly longer and rounded to protect the plants against damage.

The clip can also be used for other foliage plantssuch as the best selling Phalaenopsis, the clips are also adecorationfor Paphiopedilum, or the large-sized Cymbidium.

The eye-catching packs, each with 2 clips demonstrate visually how the clips are used. When the clip card is seen on the Scheurich display, directly next to the orchids, a quick turnover is guaranteed. Additionally, the favourable price-point makes this decorative extra an excellent impulse buy. The orchid clip is an alternative to the Scheurich orchid sticks which do not require a clip.