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Expressive Minis

Little Plants – Big Effect

Minis by Scheurich

Accessories that embody individuality accentuate modern interiors and add character to our living spaces. With Scheurich’s new mini cover pots, entitled Expressive, stylish design objects are moving in, and when these pots are combined with small foliage plants they are absolutely on-trend. They are perfect for unique decorations on window sills or for transforming tight spaces and corners into attractive areas. Additionally, these brand new XS products make wonderful gifts for friends and will please every dinner host.

The shape, colours and surface texture of the mini cover pots work in perfect harmony so they can therefore be placed together in groups or rows. The colours in the series – bright Panna, restrained Taupe, and pure Anthracite – create a well-balanced palette. Add Granny Green into the mix and you have a refreshing eye-catching display! Two different reliefs open up even more possibilities to mix and match; all four colour variants are available with vertical or horizontal grooves and in two different sizes. These small pots are Made in Germany and of course 100% watertight.

Plenty of suitable mini plants are available. Mexican Snowball (Echeveria) and cacti (Cactaceae) are perfect partners for the natural colour variants. Other greenery like devil’s tongue (Sanseveria) or parlour palm (Chamaedorea) are also ideal matches for these small pots. More opulent arrangements can be created with these tiny ceramics by pairing with miniature orchids (Phalaenopsis)

Available Sizes:
7 and 9 cm