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Burgundy Rose

A Mass of Flowers

Burgundy Rose by Scheurich

Welcome to the cosy cottage! Scheurich presents Burgundy Rose, a beautiful rose garden in the middle of our living rooms, transporting the charm of luxurious English cottages into a new season. The unique and graceful rose design with its soft fabric look spreads across the white pot surface and tells of stories of love and longing.

This on-trend nostalgic style can be found across the world of décor; in designs for cushions and curtains, as rose coloured wall paint and in wallpaper decorated with flower blossoms or dreamy designs in pastel shades. Combined with solid-coloured cover-pots in Oliva, Taupe, Panna or Burgundy, the look of sophisticated cosiness is complete. This stylish look becomes even more homely when combined with family heirlooms and nick-nacks; porcelain dishes with rose designs or chandeliers with flower shaped details are popular accessories and guarantee to enhance the display.

Combined with a maidenhair fern (Adiantum capillus-veneris) or an orchid Zygopetalum Burgundy Rose is perfect for the dressing table in a bathroom or bedroom. A large mirror with an ornate gold frame perfectly finishes off the theme and visually expands this little interior rose garden. Wild, soft and realistic – Scheurich creates a contemporary scene for the classic rose and provides a strong centrepiece for this floral trend.

It’s as clear as day, Burgundy Rose guarantees the quality features of “Made in Germany” and “100 percent waterproof”.


PR-Foto Burgundy Rose
Available sizes:
11, 13, 15 and 17 cm