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Cactus Garden

Spiky comeback

Cactus Garden by Scheurich

Cacti are getting more and more popular not just in gardens and balconies but also as housemates. Cacti and succulents are having a revival within modern interior design styles – no wonder the new cover-pot series Cactus Garden piques our interest with its look. A colourful mix of pretty cactus designs decorates these three newcomers – two making a solo appearance and the third one featuring an all over print.

The cactus doesn’t like being alone! Arrange together to create small indoor gardens with Cactus Garden by Scheurich. Golden barrel cactus or strawberry cactus are good choices – but many others can be matched with the cover-pots Cacti, Carla and Carlos. Rays of sunlight put these charming cover-pots into the right perspective and provide ideal growing conditions because cacti and Echeveria prefer bright spots often close to the window.

There are so many varieties of cacti available, with luxurious blossoms in bright white or strong pink and yellow, they make great houseplants. And they are low-maintenance when it comes to watering – all cacti and succulents store water in their thick bodies and leaves, making them great companions for globetrotters and those who are often out and about. Nevertheless, these high quality ceramic cover-pots come with the 100 percent waterproof guarantee from Scheurich.

Available sizes:
Cover-pots: 7, 9 and 11 cm