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Curcuma, Sunburn & Forest Green

Colour Matching

Cottage from Scheurich

Colours make life beautiful. They create good feelings and evoke positive associations. Scheurich uses this effect with the new colours Curcuma, Sunburn and Forest Green and presents cover pots in trendy colours to immerse the modern living environment in a feel-good atmosphere.

Curcuma warms you up: the colour reminds of turmeric, a delicious spice that energises and exudes sensuality. Sunburn is the answer to the question of which shade of red is currently in and sets expressive accents. And Forest Green brings freshness to any area and emphasises the effect of plants.

Arranged as a trio, Curcuma, Sunburn and Green Forest create a good mood. Deep yellow, bright red and lush green present themselves as a lively mix. In combination with a ragwort (Senecio ‘Himalaya’), a Guzmania ‘Flava’ and a lucky feather (Zamioculcas), a great combination is created that immediately catches the eye. The stylish planters also complement furnishing styles in shades of grey and white particularly well.

The simple design allows the fascinating grooved look to take centre stage – the matt colours further emphasise the handcrafted character of the planters. If the trio is too colourful for you, opt for a high-contrast duo or choose a favourite colour and let it speak for itself.

All planters are Made in Germany and 100 % waterproof.

Available sizes:
Cover pots: 12, 14, 17, 20 und 23 cm