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Mini Edition

In stylish shapes

Mini plants have big moments with Scheurich

Small plants are really eye-catching and are very much on trend right now. The miniature decorative plants reveal their full potential and add to the ambience of any room, especially when arranged in pairs or trios – be it as a table decoration, placed on a windowsill or as an individual gift. To maximise their impact, Scheurich has now produced miniature versions of its ceramic bowls, Trilogy and Bowl. They are the perfect homes for aloe, orchids or small cacti.

The little “boats” of the Bowl Series can hold two mini plants, whereas the clover-shaped Trilogy containers offer space for three. Available in pure white Panna, elegant Anthracite, and cheerful Granny Green, these innovative, high quality containers can play a low-key role or create a bright, colourful design accent. There are no limits when combining the Minis, and beautiful gifts can be put together in the twinkling of an eye.

Additional to miniature succulents like Echeveria (Echeveria) or Haworthia (Haworthia), mini variants of devil’s tongue (Sanseveria) or small cacti (Cactaceae) look great in these XS containers and like to share the spotlight with miniature orchids (Phalaenopsis).