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Plant Watering

Tip for a short trip!

Plant watering with Scheurich

Break the routine! And simply wind down for a couple of days. This summer plant lovers will find an easy answer to the question “And who will take care of the plants when I’m gone?”. The cute watering devices, Bördy, Froggy and Copa, ensure that there’s sufficient water in the plant pots.

Scheurich’s tip for an occasional relaxing time out; get help! Help may be available from a nice neighbour or from these charming watering accessories in the shape of birds or frogs, ideal for indoor or outdoor use. New to this product range is Copa, which resembles an elegant champagne glass and is available in three sizes up to Magnum. All three get the ‘work’ done with an easy to fill body, while the clay point, which is placed into the soil, slowly releases water to the plants over time. Watering isn’t necessary as often, taking away one chore that might prevent you from taking a long weekend by the sea, in the mountains or a city break.

With its award-winning design of Bördy, Scheurich has hit the bull’s eye! A German product testing institute (“Stiftung Warentest”, edition 06/2017) also selected Bördy XL as best product on all counts within its category. From now on Bördy is available up to an XXL size with a capacity of 1000ml, supplying plants reliably with water for up to 15 days.

The watering devices also make everyday life between holidays easier – they save time and take one worry off our minds. Besides, these fun water accessories again bring smiles to our faces. Pure relaxation!

Available Sizes:
Bördy S: 16 cm, Capacity: 90 ml
Bördy M: 20 cm, Capacity: 220 ml
Bördy XL: 29 cm, Capacity: 620 ml
Bördy XXL: 33 cm, Capacity: 1000 ml
Froggy: 16 cm, Capacity: 140 ml
Froggy XL: 26 cm, Capacity: 470 ml
Copa: 18 cm, Capacity: 150 ml
Copa XL: 25 cm, Capacity: 500 ml
Copa XXL: 33 cm, Capacity: 1000 ml