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Plant Stand

Level up!

Plant stand from Scheurich

Trend-conscious plant fans can now raise their green favourites to a whole new level. Pedestals are back in fashion in modern living environments and Scheurich is realising this trend with its decorative plant stands. Select a plant, place it on the plant stand and use its new height to expressively showcase the plant at its best: a Medinilla, for example, with its typically drooping flowers, now has enough space to unfold and is shown to its best advantage.

Two designs, two heights, two colours: The Avignon pedestal impresses with its straight lines and harmoniously continues the shape of the planters – sometimes matching tonally, sometimes contrasting in colour. The Paris plant stand has a dynamic look. The curved legs elegantly echo the lines of many plant containers. But the combination of the plant and its decorative stand also makes an eye-catching highlight in the room and can be combined in many ways.

To co-ordinate with different furnishing styles, the plant stands are available in white matt or satin black and in two heights – and can also be arranged in pairs or as a trio.

The new plant stands are made of high quality metal and complement designer pieces, enriching the stylish ambience in a home. They create a constant base that can be creatively used by changing planters and plants at will, such as monocots, Vriesea or Dieffenbachia.

Available sizes:
Plant stand Avignon: 27 and 51 cm
Plant stand Paris: 27 and 51 cm