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Smilla Water and Spray Can

Dream team for your home

Smilla Water and Spray Can by Scheurich

Clever watering prolongs the joy – plant fans love to have the right accessories at the ready wherever they’re needed in the home. They can now be doubly served with Smilla: watering- and spray cans which are eye-catching helpers, perfectly matched in their design.

In the on-trend matt colours of Taupe, Anthracite, Petrol and Green, Smilla upgrades the plant care sphere with both fashion and style. Beautiful to look at Smilla looks good enough to stay in your living room. The watering can features a design that will prevent any kind of water overflow. Its ergonomic form means plants are watered precisely, be it indoors or on the balcony or patio. With the watering products made from recyclable plastics, taking care of plants becomes more attractive, even with a can filled to the brim.

The watering and spray cans are not just visually in line, they also complement each other when it comes to plant care. For a finely tuned result, choose the spray can: grip, squeeze slightly and feed the green treasures some soothing mist. Used regularly, orchids, indoor ferns and figs keep their lush green for a long time.

With its smart design, Smilla always catches the eye – a winking reminder to water and spray.

Available Sizes:
Smilla 1,6 l, 3 l and 5 l
Spray can Smilla: 0,7 l