Success Stories


Wolfgang Sittinger


“There are many, many options to get involved. Across department lines, which isn’t all too common in many companies. That helps me to get creative as well in my main field of work: Taking care of main offices of hardware store and supermarket chains. It’s quite a challenging task nowadays and requires quick decisions. Getting those at the family business Scheurich is a direct matter at eye-level. I’ve been working here closely together with my team, other departments and our sales representatives for 13 years. There’s a lot of professional and personal appreciation, and we’re able to find good solutions even under a tight deadline or when changes are necessary on short notice.

A close relationship with customers and knowing what’s going on on the sales floors is important to me and Scheurich as a company. Which means that I’m on the road a lot to maintain personal contacts with our customers. Authenticityand appreciation. Those are important values for me and for Scheurich which we live by everyday.”