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Mega Trend Mosaic

Cordoba by Scheurich

With its new cover-pot series Cordoba, Scheurich celebrates the comeback of the traditional mosaic tile. When on holiday in the Mediterranean we fall in love with the beautiful patterns. Now these trendy tiles are also part of our local cafes, bars and our homes.

With Cordoba the charm of the past is transported through a three-coloured mosaic into a stylish vintage design. The star-shaped motif, which covers the whole surface, exudes liveliness in Grey, Brown and White and complements the simple shape of the cover pots. Cordoba is also available as an orchid container; it flatters the floral queen with a light-coloured base and a mosaic band, a particular shape that has history and therefore fits well with Cordoba. For centuries these mosaic tiles have adorned floors and walls, they were at their height with art nouveau, are an essential part of the Mediterranean and now they have their revival as a newcomer, but with a rich past.

This aged look is refreshed for example with a flamingo flower (Anthurium andreanum), butterfly orchids (Phalaenopsis) or a variety of succulents. Fans of this styling will now find no boundaries traveling through time and space; wallpapers, carpets or napkins also come in these readily identifiable patterns. Arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically there are now new patchwork creations for the living room, bathroom and kitchen.

There are no water stains here! Cordoba is ceramic and like all Scheurich cover pots is 100 percent waterproof. Design and quality Made in Germany make Cordoba a perfect mix of memories and modernity.

Available sizes:
Cover-pots: 13, 15, 18 and 21 cm
Orchid containers: 12, 14 and 19 cm