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Corteza Sky

Creativity without limits

Corteza Sky by Scheurich

Just heavenly! Scheurich continues the success story of its cover-pot range with Corteza Sky and doesn’t let those plant enthusiasts down who love to experiment, or who have limited space for indoor gardens. Corteza Sky brings a breath of fresh air to living rooms and is suitably on-trend with the current popular themes of vertical gardening and the urban jungle.

Handmade creations are in the air! These hanging baskets consist of the classic Corteza cover-pot with its linen fabric design and a modern macramé plant hanger, whose colours are selected to complement the decors of the cover pots. The urban jungle theme cries out for bold and colourful displays and these hanging baskets leave plenty of scope for creative arrangements between many different pots and plants.

Boundaries only for water; the thick-walled ceramic pots are 100 percent waterproof which guarantees their carefree suspension. Which plants to choose is a question of preference: the hanging “Million Hearts” (Dischidia ruscifolia) or the maidenhair fern (Adiatum) are as suitable as a tall growing flamingo flower (Anthurium andreanum). Corteza Sky brings the sun and a great atmosphere into the living space – the textured surface grooves in the pot create a charming, shimmering look which can make them shine depending on the play of light.

Available size:
Cover-pot: 16 cm