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Flow by Scheurich

Nature meets modern design! The Flow series by Scheurich unites organic shapes and the characteristic look of stone – both current design trends – and sets the bar for outdoor decoration in 2019 and beyond. With two sizes and colours Flow invites creative arrangements, creating a “riverbed with stones” within the domestic garden.

Flow is an impressive eye-catcher. The strong green of bamboo combined with the subtle shades of Stony Black and Stony Grey create a relaxing element on the patio. The inside of the double-walled planters has an insert which makes changing plants easy, allowing you the joy of changing your display with the seasons: switching between the evergreen favourites Fargesia rufa and Fargesia ‘Blue Lizard’ and new seasonal plants, just as the fancy takes you.

These lightweight pots can spend the cold season in a protected winter retreat. The hole in the side, which prevents waterlogging in the planter during the outdoor months, can be sealed easily and safely with a plug once indoors. Clever details like the plug and the insert, just like the high-quality manufacturing, as always reflect Scheurich’s Made in Germany quality.

Available sizes: 48 and 73 cm